Vietnam War Zippo
Statue of Giovanni Boccaccio
Box with Portrait of Napoleon I
The Social Condom

Ocean Objects

Maritime Material Culture in Southern China from a Global Perspective

Research Grants Council Hong Kong GRF 12603017
10 things

Red Envelopes on an iPhone
Qing Imperial Ruyi
Kintsugi tea bowl
Dragon Shell
MC Hammer Doll
Oxhorn Clam
Objects from Hong Kong’s beaches
Butterfly Stool
Shell Games Plaque
Planter with a Coral Deity
Bowl of Pearls
Shell Venus
Pair of Carved Shells
The Glasgow Cookery Book
Shell Creature
Japanese picnic set
Blue daopao
Kimono with embroidery
Plastic container with bami
Japanese vending machines
Obiaman cloth
Blue sarpusu and bluing
Children’s bentobox
Van Gogh's Sterrennacht
Ozonja for Himba make-up
Instant rāmen
The Herero Long Dress
Döner Kebab
Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique
Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer
YSL Mondrian dress
Conch shell horn
Bowl of “Chinese” tomato soup
Minoan cup with Linear A
Global teak chair
Tsuba with ship design
Maneki Neko
Tărtărian tablets
Korean Drum ‘Puk’
Gold pendant from the Aegina treasure
Trojan horse by BP or not BP
Korean ceramic bowl Shibata
Two covers of Nabokov’s Lolita
Princess of China Barbie Doll
Obligatory chocolate box
Cixi by Katherine A. Carl
Qing Imperial Necklace
Qing summer hat
Qing Guanyin with child
Matchlock Gun from Japan
Qing bowl for American market
Qing chalice veil
Linear B palm-leaf shaped clay tablets
Shell with Hong Kong Harbor Scene
Qing queue with red hair extension
Nivkh fish skin robe
Qing abstinence gourd
Qing abstinence plaque
Digital photograph of Olga Lobo
Dutch chiseled iron smallsword
Qing empire elite army helmet
Digital photograph of Peter Dekker