Ching Sze Yin, Cicy, Made in Hong Kong Series

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Tutti Frutti for Recyclers

Fig 7: A Gem-Set, Diamond and Enamel ‘Tutti Frutti’ Bracelet by Cartier

The color scheme of the glass pieces in the brooch is the same as that of the famous Tutti Frutti jewelry by Cartier that stands out through its forceful combination of brightly pink, blue, green and white jewels. While the Tutti Frutti pieces use diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires in leaf and berry shapes, the Hong Kong brooch is made from the products of local glass industries. Treating glass shards like jewels, Ching Sze Yin, Cicy’s work pays tribute to the colorful “treasures” found on Hong Kong beaches and in Lingnan architecture.

If you want to read more on pressed glass typical for Southern China, go to Ching Sze Yin, Cicy, Upcycling Hong Kong Series in the link below (or to Shirley Lam’s Pick up lines and things.

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Ching Sze Yin, Cicy, Upcycling Hong Kong Series
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