Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer

Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer

The TR-909. The first drum machine to use sampling and synchronization. Introduced in 1983 by Audio Equipment Manufacturer Roland.

The TR-909 is one of the household machines in Electronic Music and rose to stardom right alongside the DJs that used it, opening up a new world to experimenting with sounds and creating more complex beats. Although only 10,000 were ever produced, this machine has generated a cult following with artists from all genres.

Story lines

  • The Journey of the TR-909

    story by Felix Roos

    Electronic music cannot be understood without first understanding the story of the TR-909. It originally established a cult following in the techno and gay club scene of Detroit where the unique sounds offered an escape from reality for an impoverished black community. The industrial sound then found its way to Europe and was adopted by the Berlin and UK club scene. This story follows the journey of this groundbreaking machine.

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