Butterfly Stool

Butterfly Stool

Sori Yanagi (1915-2011), Butterfly Stool. 1954-1956, rosewood-faced 5-ply plywood with brass cross-bar and metal fitting.

Two identical pieces of plywood are fixed with metal screws and copper bars on a link, thereby resulting in a symmetrical shape. This creates a stable structure that not only maintains lightness but can also support heavy loads. The Butterfly Stool breaks with practices in previous wood structure systems that had developed from solid wood furniture. Its simple but effective combination of two pieces of plywood makes the whole stool look clear and modern.

Story lines

  • The timeless butterfly

    story by Choi Nga Sze, Chong Hiu Wing, Chu Wing Him, Chu Tsz Yan, He Chen

    This stool is iconic in every way. Since words are not necessary to make us appreciate the design, this story will explore the history of the person behind the design, the skills, and the material. The Butterfly Stool has been a source of inspiration, and this story is just another example of that.

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