Children’s bentobox

Children’s bentobox

Lunchbox for children (弁当箱 bentohako) who attend nursery schools and kindergarten.

Bento boxes for small children are mostly made of plastic and have oval or rectangular shapes. The overall design of the bento character is cute and the placement of the food is shaped and put together to form one coherent and recognizable design. The ingredients and foodstuffs are specifically chosen to form a visually pleasing, yet balanced and healthy meal for children. Bento made by Okaeri Recipe Channel, Japan on December 26, 2014.

Story lines

  • Kyaraben: the unimaginable effort of making edible art

    story by Anaïs Van Deun

    For children, bento is the symbol of absolute love from a mother towards her children. Even though bento appear to outsiders as “small and cute lunch boxes”, they are far more complicated and regulated than can be seen at first sight. This story goes beyond the cuteness of the children’s bento.

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