Ans in Leiden

Starting anew

Ans in Leiden


What is mine, is yours

story by Maura Martens

This story is about Ans. She teaches a variety of seminars at Leiden University in the BA Chinese Studies. In her spare time, she loves to sing with her family, or decorate her photo-albums, which go back decades. She lives together with her husband and their three sons, and of course Saeed stops by every now and again, and Haide and Fardin with their daughter Kaya are regular table guests. Kaya even has her own chair at the head of the table. After a quick glance in her photo albums, Ans remembers the whole story again. It has been 25 years since Ans and her family opened their home and hearts to people who sought refuge in the Netherlands back then. All the objects in the picture have been placed in her living room, the centre of daily life. In this way everybody can feel at home.

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