Medicine Bottle in Decameron

The translator is Laurent de Premierfait and the copyist Guillebert de Metz. The translation was made between 1411 and 1414 and was dedicated to the Duke of Berry. De Premierfait translated from the Latin translation by Franciscan Antonio Neri d'Arezzo, not from the original Italian edition.


  • Calandrino and the Medicine Bottle

    story by Tatum Paauwe.

    In this novella, the main character, Calandrino, is led to believe that he is pregnant. It is a funny, but cunning way to make him hand over his newly acquired riches to his friends. The novella about Calandrino is told on the ninth day of Bocaccio’s ten-piece frame story <em>Decameron</em>. In this tour we will follow the plot on an original miniature. After that, we will focus on the role of medicine in this novella. But let’s start off with a few lines from the original text...

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