Drop-front Secretary

This example is in the style of the French Louis XVI, and is made of satinwood, inlaid with rosewood, coromandel, ebony, rosewood and lemonwood. Moreover, it has been enriched by a beautiful decoration of Japanese lacquered panels.


  • A Conversation of Tastes

    story by Francesca Gammino.

    This drop-front secretary follows a clean and simple design, and is embellished with an inlaid wooden decoration of flora, with Japanese black and gold lacquered plates with decorations of natural elements applied onto the secretary’s panels. In this story we will explore how the lacquer plates interact with the secretary’s shape and design, unlocking the complex mix of cultural and material influences which come together in this beautiful piece of furniture, creating a conversation of taste which involves the Netherlands, France, Japan, and even Ancient Rome and Greece.

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