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In 2007, Peter Dekker founded a website that enabled him to accumulate and share his studies in Manchu archery. It was because of that website that he started to realize the role of sharing knowledge. It is through this website that I got to know Peter. Because of his specialist knowledge on Manchu military, I have invited him many times to speak at Manchu studies events. We even worked together on the literary journal Debtelin on an issue dedicated to the subject of Manchu archery.

While as a researcher it is a responsibility to share knowledge and to do it in a way that you can be held accountable at any time, it seems to me that sharing too much may be risky for a trader in historical items. The more you share, the better your competition will know what to look out for in the market. I asked him:

Now that you went from a hobbyist to a high-end antique trader, do you still believe that sharing knowledge is a vital part of your success?