Digital photograph of Peter Dekker

Digital photograph of Peter Dekker

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Picture showing Peter Dekker standing behind his desk in his office. He is surrounded by his collection of arms and armor, and shelves filled with books to carry out his research.

Peter Dekker is an example of how you can be a scholar outside the walls of universities, that you do not need all the titles that the academic community often makes us believe are needed to be taken seriously. He is asked for his advice by institutes such as The Met in New York and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. No questions, then, that this man is taken seriously.


  • Meet the collector: Peter Dekker

    story by Fresco Sam-Sin

    In 2016 Peter Dekker quit his corporate job to fully dedicate himself to researching and trading Asian arms and armor. He never looked back. What drives Peter? Let's find out.

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