Blue sarpusu and bluing

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This blue fabric is called _sarpusu _. It is so unique, that Surinamese people who have migrated to other countries will travel all the way to Suriname to buy some. It is said to have healing powers, and can protect you from winti (spiritual entities), such as ampuku winti. Ampuku are entities of the forest (busi winti).

Women are especially likely to encounter ampuku, as these entities are responsible for issues regarding reproduction and sexuality. These issues include problems with menstruation, heavy blood flow, infertility and false pregnancies. Furthermore, women can be disturbed by male Ampuku in their sleep, as they will try to have sexual intercourse with a woman in her dreams. Sarpusu can protect from these entities when placed in one’s directoire (underwear). It’s not necessary to sew it in; simply placing a small strip of the fabric is enough.