Blue sarpusu and bluing

Blue sarpusu and bluing

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A piece of blue fabric from Suriname and a block of compressed blue powder that makes white laundry crisp again.

Although this may look like an ordinary piece of fabric and an ordinary block of soap, you are actually looking at two items that can help prevent illness, keep out unwanted nightly visitors, and cleanse the soul.


  • Sarpusu and blauwsel: textile and textile bleachers as spiritual medicine.

    story by Hanne Berendse

    “That color really suits you!”; “Blue definitely makes your eyes pop!” You’ve probably heard similar statements when wearing a piece of clothing. In Western fashion, color is very important. You can even get a color analysis to find out what color best complements your hair, eye color or skin tone. But how about picking colors based on their spiritual power? This story tells you about the color blue in Suriname, and why people are willing to travel miles and miles to obtain a certain blue fabric - not for its aesthetics, but for its power.

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