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Shards in Jewelry Design

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Jewelry design has proven to be a popular option for recycling ceramic shards. Hobby recyclers as well as professional jewelry designers post tutorials online on how to turn china into wearables.For example, ExpertVillage Leaf Group, [How to Make Broken China Jewelry] (

In Ishinomaki in Japan, a city partially destroyed by the 2011 tsunami, the social enterprise Nozomi – which means ‘hope’ in Japanese – empowers women whose life has been affected by the natural disaster through creating jewelry from broken porcelain from the tsunami sites.Short documentary by dissemiNATIONstudios, Nozomi Project - Beauty from Brokenness Featuring shards from a wide range of wares including blue-and-white as well as monochrome types, Nozomi earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces are sold to a world-wide market propagating that “there really is beauty in brokenness”.(Fig 5)

In addition, the Japanese technique of repairing broken ceramics through the use of gold – known as kintsugi – which is mainly applied to reattach pieces of precious artifacts such as cups, bowls and plates, has also left its trace in contemporary jewelry designs.(Fig 6)

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