Eels in Decameron

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Retelling the novella

The eight novella of the ninth day. There is a man in Florence, called Ciacco. He likes to eat and live above his means, and therefore often visits wealthy people. There also lived another man, called Biondello, who was rather elegant and fashionable. Just like Ciacco, he likes to spend time among wealthy people.

One day, Ciacco goes to the market, where he sees Biondello buying two large eels for a patron. Ciacco, his mouth watering, asks Biondello about the fish, and Biondello gives him wrong information about where the fish will be eaten. Ciacco, thinking he has the right address, goes to the house Biondello sent him to. He is welcomed in a friendly manner, but the meal is very disappointing. Ciacco is really annoyed by this and confronts Biondello. After much teasing, Biondello responds to him that he will pay him back in eight days.