Korean Drum ‘Puk’

Korean Drum ‘Puk’

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Korean Puk drum 22,5 x 35 cm with drum stick 39 cm. Drum is made of wood, covered with leather on both sides.

This drum is one among many types of drums in Korea which are collectively called a ‘Puk’. These drums have been highly valued throughout Korean history and even today still have an influential position in contemporary Korean society. The variety in purposes for which these drums were used ranges from court music to folk music, from music used for marching to ritual ceremonies. Nowadays, even Korean popular music (K-pop) is sometimes influenced by either the sound or the symbolism of the Puk.


  • Marching to the beat of your own drum

    story by Flora Smit

    K-pop is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. These days, more and more K-pop artists mix modern tunes with traditional Korean instruments and scenery in order to add a cultural feel to their music videos. But what can these objects tell us about Korean history? We will take a closer look at the Korean drum in order to learn more about their specific uses and symbolism.

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