Queen of the Night Relief

Queen of the Night Relief

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A relief found in Iraq depicting a nude woman with Mesopotamian symbols. It measures 49.5 x 37 cm and dates to the 19th to 18th century BCE.

This relief is at the center of a lot of discussion because of the unknown woman depicted on it. There are three possibilities for the identity of the woman.


  • The story of Lilith, Inanna, or Ereshkigal

    story by Anance Ytske Elizabeth Minneboo

    There is a lot of discussion about the woman depicted on the Queen of the Night relief. Right now there are three suggestions, each with their strengths and flaws in connection to the woman depicted on the relief. In this story, we will meet each contender and discuss arguments for and against them in the process of trying to figure out the identity of this mystery woman.

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