Viking Grave Slab

Text from museum: "Cable-edge moulding on front, cable-upper-edge moulding and two flat-edge moulding on left and right sides. Median-incised interlace on right side, and profiled human figure in the centre of the left side with two median-incised, knotted dragons. End has two fighting animals in profile and a squatting animal. Front has a dragon, a figure with hand to mouth in profile, a headless torso, a quadruped and a full frontal figure. The top and left side panel are thought to depict the Sigurd story."


  • A Battle To Remember

    story by Vita Luna Jansen.

    The legendary battle between Sigurd and Fafnir as described in the <em>Volsunga saga</em> has inspired author J.R.R. Tolkien from an early age on, and we find many elements from this tale interwoven into his own fiction. Great dragons, legendary heroes, bold weapons and questions of courage: all are present in Sigurd’s tale, as well as in the adventure of Bilbo Baggins…

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