Pendant from the Aegina treasure

Pendant from the Aegina treasure

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Gold pendant depicting a man standing on a base with flowers, each hand grasping a bird by the neck. Five pendant discs hang from the bottom. The exact origin of the pendant is unknown. It probably dates from around 1500-1700 BCE.

This beautiful gold pendant is part of the so-called Aegina Treasure, found on the small Greek island of Aegina in the late 1800s. It was sold to the British Museum in 1891, where it still is today. Besides this pendant the treasure consists of multiple pieces of jewellery, made of gold and various semi precious stones. The exact circumstances of the finding of the treasure are still very unclear, and there are many different ideas about its dating and origin.


  • Masterpiece in the Aegina puzzle

    story by Kiki Freriks

    Since its discovery, there has been a lot of discussion about the Aegina treasure, and there is still no general consensus on its origin and dating. This pendant can be considered the ‘masterpiece’ of the treasure, and will be discussed here in more detail. In taking a closer look at some interesting aspects of the pendant, we will discuss different theories and explore its possible origins and influences.

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