The Crane in Decameron

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Crane cartoon

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This tale is about the cook Chichibio who, for love of a lady, cuts off and presents to her a drumstick from a crane meant for his master. Children love this novella and many versions were written especially for them. The novella is particularly short, as if to concentrate the comic effect and the reader's expectation on the finale, where the joke appears. Let us retell this novella while we travel on the cover of this 1961 version with illustrations by Lele LuzzatiIn the telegraph of 31 December 1961:”Since Boccaccio is not usually considered ideal fare for children, it comes as a bit of a shock to find that this exuberant picture book is a story from the Decameron. Adapted and translated into smooth-running English ... After this we’ll dive deeper into the role of the crane.