Tsang Tak-ping, Garlic Lamp

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The Lamp and Its Maker

The light comes from the centre. Layer by layer, Tsang Tak-ping wrapped the pieces of skin around a LED light bulb, creating an object that resembles a flower blossom in shape and materiality.

Tsang Tak-ping 曾德平 (1959– ), also known as Tsang Takping Kith or Kith Tsang, is one of the founders of Para Site, Hong Kong’s leading contemporary art center since 1996.Read about Para Site on their website He has created artworks in different media that include artist books, photography, installations and performances, and has participated in over forty exhibitions.Listed on Hong Kong Art Archive In the early twenty-first century, Tsang became a practicing Buddhist. In addition to Western art, he is also trained in Tibetan thangka and ikebana . In his art he spends “over 90 percent [of his time] thinking about Hong Kong’s cultural identity”. (See video)

After working at the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tsang in recent years gradually distanced himself from art circles, co-founded the School of Everyday Life and committed to living a secluded life of farming, promoting mindfulness and sustainability.Find out more about the School on their website; and about his the artist’s way of life in The Stand News ‘Garlic Lamp’ grew out of this period.