YSL Mondrian Dress

YSL Mondrian Dress

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1965 dress by the French designer Yves Saint-Laurent (1936-2008). It features a pattern inspired by the Dutch pioneer of the De Stijl movement: Piet Mondrian (1872-1944).

In this collection, the designer created a total of 10 dresses for his Fall-Winter collection of 1965. The collection was named “Hommage to Mondrian” and reflects a tendency in Saint-Laurent’s work to be inspired by renowned painters and contribute to their recognition. The Mondrian dresses had a huge impact on the fashion world of the 1960’s.They are still considered a hallmark of the 20th century and have evolved to the status of cultural heritage.


  • How to wear an abstract painting

    story by Anatole Leclercq

    By choosing Mondrian as an inspiration for his Fall-Winter 1965 collection, Saint-Laurent used the dress to present a new perspective on neoplasticism, and an innovative way to engage with aesthetics altogether. This story takes us from painting to the dress.

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