Margaret Chu, Hollowing Out

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Paper Sculpture

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This object is one of several sculptures that Hong Kong-based artist Chu Cheuk-wai Margaret made out of paper and cardboard, some of them figurative, others abstract.(Fig 5-8)

Paper-made sculptures are usually associated with do-it-yourself practices, origami and the making of paper toys with recreational and educational practices. Under Chu’s hand, however, objects grow in size and are nothing like the small origami objects familiar to us. She creates huge cardboard-made creatures, larger-than-life body parts and even roofs of historic buildings.

In Hong Kong the business of paper collecting and the reuse of cardboard are both female domains. Chu’s work sits right in the middle of these domains. Want to read more about paper collecting and the role of women in this? Click below. Or, go to a new object of UpCycling Hong Kong.

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