Ching Sze Yin, Cicy, Upcycling Hong Kong Series

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Bringing Dead Stock to Life

Fig 1: Ching Sze Yin, Cicy - pin

This is one of the many designs in which Ching Sze Yin, Cicy brings new life to dead stock silver ring mounts, putting them center stage and turning them into brooches, pendants and pins, like this one.

Ching Sze Yin, Cicy is a jewelry artist and educator who since 2011 serves as a full-time staff member at the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) of the Hong Kong Baptist University. She is co-investigator of the UpCycling Hong Kong project behind this Things That Talk zone.See; and for the project see here

Ching Sze Yin, Cicy has been experimenting with upcycling strategies in much of her work. The jewelry work series Upcycling Hong Kong does not only carry the same name as the research project, but emerged from it as part of its artistic research component. Ching Sze Yin, Cicy’s designs bring new life to dead stock silver mounts and pieces of broken glass by putting the discarded materials center stage and turning them into pins, brooches and pendants. An underlying theme in the works are floral motifs, for example in the transformation of ring mounts to blossoming pins. The series is ever-expanding; several pieces were first exhibited at the exhibition Unpacking that was held at Contemporary Craft Center Hong Kong in early 2021.Information on this exhibition can be found at the website of Galleries Gal