Sarcophagus of Wahibreemakhet

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Isis and Nephthys, again

At the feet of Wahibreemakhet, we can see the goddesses Isis and Nephthys again. This time, they are depicted upside down, kneeling at the feet of the deceased. This is a typical element of decoration of a sarcophagus. A possible explanation for them being depicted upside down could be the fact that they would be better visible from the viewpoint of the deceased.

The goddesses are accompanied by an inscription. On the left side, next to Isis, we read:

Words spoken by Isis: Osiris Wahibreemakhet, it is I, your sister Isis. I have come, while I am your protection.

On the right, near Nephthys, it reads:

Words spoken by Nephthys: I surround my brother Osiris Wahibreemakhet, whom Zenodote bore (and) his father Alexikles, true of voice.

The text mentions Wahibreemakhet’s parents: Zenodote and Alexikles. You might notice that these names do not sound very Egyptian…