Sarcophagus of Wahibreemakhet

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Fig. 5 - Canopic jar of Wahibreemakhet – Medelhavsmuseet – [NME 100](

Fig. 5 - Canopic jar of Wahibreemakhet – Medelhavsmuseet – NME 100

The first son of Horus we meet is called Imsety. He is depicted with a human head. The words around him are as follows:

Words spoken by Imsety: I am your son, Osiris Wahibreemakhet. I have come while being your protection. I have strengthened your house. You will exist, you will exist, forever. The sons of Horus are often found in a funerary context since they are associated with the preservation of the deceased’s organs. This association means that the heads of the sons of Horus were often used as the lids of canopic jars (see the attached image for one of Wahibreemakhet’s canopic jars with the head of Imsety). These canopic jars were used by the Egyptians to store the organs of the deceased after the mummification process.

The four sons of Horus were said to be protected by specific funerary goddesses. R. Wilkinson, The complete gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt (New York, 2003), 88.

Imsety was associated with the protection of the liver, and Imsety himself was protected by the winged goddess Isis, who is depicted underneath him. We will learn more about Isis in a later step.