Sarcophagus of Wahibreemakhet

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Even more gods

Book of the dead 17 – BM – [EA10470,10](

Book of the dead 17 – BM – EA10470,10

Other, lesser-known gods are also depicted on the sarcophagus. We find them in the register underneath the winged goddesses. These minor gods are known from the Book of the Dead as well, specifically from spell 17 (see the attached image), and they are meant to protect the deceased. S. Quirke, Going out in daylight - prt m hrw: the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead: translation, sources, meanings (London, 2013), 52-63.

These minor gods from the Book of the Dead often have odd-sounding, descriptive names. For example, on the left side of the lid of our sarcophagus, we find The-one-who-sees-his-father, The-one-who-makes-his-own-name, and The-one-who-brings-with-theft. On the right, we see The-one-who-is-under-his-moringa-tree, Horus-Mekhentyenirty, and Horus-who-protects-his-father (Harendotes).