Hard disk drive (HDD)

Hard disk drive (HDD)

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On September 13, 1956, IBM introduced the hard disk drive (HDD). A hard disk drive is an electro-mechanical computer part that can store data. It can be found in PCs and laptops, but also in printers, game consoles and servers.

Nowadays hard disk drives are an indispensable part of our world. They are made by different brands, with different amounts of storage and in different sizes. From Apple to Toshiba, from MB to TB and from small to large. We work with hard disk drives, we relax with them, we wake up with them and we go to bed with them. But what we can also do is ‘refurbish’ or, in other words, reuse them.


  • The second life of a hard disk drive

    story by Francis Kleijwegt

    You probably do it too: reuse your stuff to prevent environmental pollution. For example, think of separating your waste, taking your clothes to the thrift store or refilling your water bottle. But there are also other, lesser known, products that you can reuse to contribute to environmental sustainability, such as the hard disk drive of your PC or laptop. In this photo series I will take you through the ‘refurbishment process’ of a hard disk drive which can give this data carrier a second life.

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