Dutch chiseled iron smallsword

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The blade starts with a hexagonal cross-section at the base, gently merging into a lenticular cross-section further up the blade. The flat of the blade on either side is inscribed: "INRII MARIA"

There are further decorations of dots and a brass inlaid cross and it is framed by a narrow groove. It is interesting that the word INRI, which stands for IESVS NAZARENVS REX IVDÆORVM or "Jezus of Nazareth, King of Jews" is spelled with an additional I.

Peter Dekker, owner of Mandarin Mansion, spotted this misspelling. Misspellings in markings were very common on old European swords because most craftsmen were illiterate. This misspelling, however, revealed the true identity of this Dutch beauty.

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