Chin-Ind Loempia

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Unlocking the Dutch stomach

Big Loempia, pre-fried

Big Loempia, pre-fried

The key to the Dutch stomach is the fryer, a Chinese chef once said in De Volkskrant, We Chinese prefer steamed and cooked dishes, then you taste the flavors of the things themselves. If you fry everything tastes the same. However, the Dutch love it. [Man in Dinter 1995]

In every Chinese-Indonesian restaurant, the frying pan is constantly in use. One of the most famous fried foods in the restaurants are the so-called loempias. Today we delve into the story of these rolls.

This 'giant' Loempia measures roughly 19cm in length, 7cm in width, and 4cm in height. Loempia’s are one of the most time-consuming dishes made in Chinese-Indonesian restaurants.The batter for the wrappers are usually made by mixing flour, water and salt,and sometimes egg.