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Red Dot Award: Alchemist Creations

Fig: ["PolyU Micro Fund-supported start-up snatches international design award"](

Fig: "PolyU Micro Fund-supported start-up snatches international design award"

The Can Watch is a design by Alchemist Creations, a Hong Kong-based designer brand founded by Ling Ching-yin Kat. The watch was developed by Ling Ching-yin Kat, Ho Chun-kin and Siu Tien-sum and awarded the Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best in 2013.PRweb, PolyU Micro Fund-supported Start-up Snatches International Design Award

The term alchemist evokes associations with medieval and early modern men engaged in chemical experiments to investigate materials and their properties, in particular the potential of transforming matter from one thing to another and the potential of manipulating and directing that process.Alchemist Creation’s designs do not only transform one thing into another by recycling can materials into watches, jewelry, picture frames and other items, but the brand also positions itself within society. Alchemist Creation’s motto “CAN do all things'' goes beyond the realm of material transformation and includes a number of social missions.Their mission The brand works with underprivileged people as manufacturers, for example autistic learners and people with histories of mental illness. The marketing of its newest invention, “can gems” – gems made out of cans – is tied to the sponsoring of twelve Non-Governmental Organizations that help children. (See image) The motto of turning “neglection into shine” is therefore not only tied to the materials that Alchemist Creations upcycles, but it’s also emblematic of the brand’s mentorship program and its sheltered workshop cooperation.

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