Added Title Period
10/12/2020 07:08:12 Global teak chair
ca. 1795
Chair made in Canton. Modeled on British Hepplewhite design. ca. 1795
10/05/2020 18:57:00 Tsuba with ship design
This sword guard is made of gold, silver and iron. It depicts a decoration of a ship, and dates to the late 18th or mid 19th century. -
10/02/2020 09:54:56 Maneki Neko
Lucky Cat, a small cat statue used as decoration. It is said to bring in good fortune. -
09/22/2020 19:26:14 Tărtărian tablets
5300 BCE
Three small clay objects (ca. 5 cm.), two rectangular and one circular which are inscribed with various signs and depictions. 5300 BCE
09/05/2020 20:48:25 Korean Drum ‘Puk’
Korean Puk drum 22,5 x 35 cm with drum stick 39 cm. Drum is made of wood, covered with leather on both sides. 1800-1823
09/05/2020 11:56:25 Parrot feather and coals
These are coals and a parrot wing feather. -
09/05/2020 10:52:50 Gold pendant from the Aegina treasure
Gold pendant depicting a man standing on a base with flowers, each hand grasping a bird by the neck. Five pendant discs hang from the bottom. The exact origin of the pendant is unknown. It probably dates from around 1700-1500 BCE BCE. 1850BC-1550BC
09/03/2020 18:48:55 Trojan horse by BP or not BP
8 February 2020
Photo taken in front of the British Museum, London, UK. 8th February 2020. Climate change protests against BP at the British Museum. 8 February 2020
09/02/2020 20:40:00 Korean ceramic bowl Shibata
Ceramic bowl 7.1 cm high with a diameter of 4.8 cm. Made in Korea, later used in Japan as a tea bowl for tea ceremonies. 1600s
08/30/2020 20:12:24 Two covers of Nabokov’s Lolita
Two different editions of Nabokov’s Lolita, one from Amsterdam, 1978 (front) and the other from New York, 1958 (back). -
08/29/2020 15:18:00 Princess of China Barbie Doll
Barbie as Qing princess. Wearing an interpretation of a Qing robe, Qing coiffure, and horse-hoof shoes. 2001
08/25/2020 14:36:15 Obligatory chocolate box
Box filled with chocolate bars, marketed towards the tradition of obligatory chocolates (義理チョコ) during Valentine’s Day in Japan. 2020
08/24/2020 19:53:36 Pot of basil
This is a rustic terracotta pot with the herb called basil planted on top of it. -
08/21/2020 07:14:32 Cixi by Katherine A. Carl
Oil painting of the Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后 (1835-1908) painted by Katherine A. Carl (1865–1938) in 1903 on a 297.2 × 173.4 cm canvas, framed in a camphor wood frame designed by Cixi. 1903
08/11/2020 13:11:49 Qing Imperial Necklace
Freshwater pearl necklace. Worn by Qing royalty . Divided into four sections by four coral beads. A long string with heavy sapphires hangs down from the top, along with three short strings with ten jade beads each. 1760-1820
08/04/2020 21:47:39 Qing summer hat
A cone shaped bamboo hat ornamented with a one-eyed peacock feather. 1900s
07/28/2020 19:52:11 Qing Guanyin with child
Seated Guanyin with a child, accompanied by the Dragon Daughter. h 34 cm, l 15 cm × w 7.6 cm 1700-1750
07/21/2020 20:22:11 Matchlock Gun from Japan
late 1600s
Made of wood and steel, this matchlock gun features beautiful Japanese-style decorations of lotus flowers, clouds and a dragon. length 103.8 cm, barrel 73 cm, 3009 g. late 1600s
07/16/2020 12:53:43 Qing bowl for American market
This 14.8 cm hight; 35.6 cm wide punch bowl is an example of export porcelain. It was made in China for the American market in 1784. 1785–1800
07/10/2020 20:02:43 Qing chalice veil
Chinese traditional embroidery on a 58.4 x 58.4 cm satin weave chalice veil. 1800s
07/06/2020 08:30:24 Linear B palm-leaf shaped clay tablets
c. 1300 BCE
Clay tablets found on the island of Crete, at Knossos. The tablets have the shape of palm leaves. c. 1300 BCE
07/02/2020 15:19:54 Shell with Hong Kong Harbor Scene
The polished surface of an 16.5 x 17.7 cm oyster shell painted with the image of Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbor. 1900s
06/01/2020 20:19:09 Qing queue with red hair extension
104 cm long Qing queue. Real hair with red cotton plaited in, ending in a red tassel. The cut-off end is kept together with a piece of rope. 1900s
05/14/2020 18:49:17 Nivkh fish skin robe
Nivkh women’s robe made of fish skin that was sown together. The left flap of the robe closes over the right flap and is fastened with buttons. The back of the robe is decorated, featuring a pattern consisting of spirals and images of birds. 1875-1898
05/04/2020 16:37:58 Qing abstinence gourd
This is a 6.5 cm high gourd-shaped abstinence plaque. It is made of enamelled ceramic, imitating cloisonné ware. The plaque is rich in color and decoration and includes pink bats, fruit and flowering gourd tendrils. 1800s
05/01/2020 15:13:04 Qing abstinence plaque
Rectangular plaque made of green jade, carved as two facing dragons, their bodies framing a rectangular cartouche at the center with 'abstinence' inscribed in Manchu and Chinese. 1900s
04/26/2020 11:26:18 Digital photograph of Olga Lobo
This is a photo of Olga Lobo (1928) sitting in her living room in The Hague surrounded by the many objects that remind her of her family and of her homeland Suriname. In the image Ms. Lobo sits next to the mantel, holding a kotomisi doll. 2019
04/24/2020 21:39:52 Dutch chiseled iron smallsword
A notable Dutch smallsword with a chiseled iron hilt, made around 1660-1665, most likely in the southern Catholic part of the Low Countries. 1660-1665
04/17/2020 05:28:45 Qing empire elite army helmet
Helmet with indigo blue and yellow edged flaps and neckpiece. Rectangular steel plates are secured inside the fabric of the flaps with rivets that can be seen from the outside. 1800s
04/16/2020 08:19:43 Digital photograph of Peter Dekker
Picture showing Peter Dekker standing behind his desk in his office. He is surrounded by his collection of arms and armor, and shelves filled with books to carry out his research. 2020